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Beer Machine, at Sochi Olympics, Gives Free Beer to Canadians With Just the Swipe of a Passport!

Can it really be? A beer dispenser that gives you Free Beer just for being Canadian? Man, those Canucks really have their priorities together. Apparently, this beer machine travels the globe and is now at the Olympics in Russia. Canadian citizens are able to get free beer with just the swipe of their passport. Canada…



The *Real* 12th Man Salute

We all know the headlines leading up to the super bowl: “Record-breaking noise from Seattle’s 12th Man…” “”The 12th Man has an unparalleled impact on game days” etcetera, etcetera… I don’t know about the rest of you in the Mile High city but I’ve had enough. Sure you fans in Seattle can be loud, but…


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.27.56 AM

This Guy Makes Every Game but Never Sees a Play

He carries his burden up and down stairs every weekend. Voice strained after a day of balancing an icy basin, while juggling money, IDs, and of course our beloved frosty cold ones. Yes here’s to you Beer Man, while the world is watching the play, the touchdown, the hail marry, the interception your back is…



The First Place on Earth to Experience a Hangover.

For over a hundred years, visitors to Samoa have been able to stand at Cape Mulinu’u, the westernmost point of the planet and be the last people on earth to see the sun go down. But now that small South Pacific island has chosen to skip across the international dateline. That’s right, it’s official, Samoa…